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Aligning Your Occupation to Who You Are

We're taught in Co-Active Coaching, in which I'm a certified professional, the importance of aligning your life with your values. So often in the West, we forge our identity from what we Do. Co-Active Coaching turns that on its head: Create what you do from who you Are. This formula is the Royal Road to Fulfilment as a human being. So many of us aren't even aware of it, let alone put it into practice, and suffer from some degree of unhappiness.

Within the Co-Active model, there are many ways for someone to discover what really matters to them, to get in touch with their values. Clearly, this method can be applied with how to make a living. Indeed, why not align how you earn your money with who you are as a person.

My personal mission is to introduce as many people as I can to a very simple, gentle human skill that is the best way to change your life and to follow your dreams. It's called Focusing, and was discovered in the West some 50 years ago at the University of Chicago. There is a large body of evidence that substantiates it. (I'll leave that for another post.) My purpose here is to simply introduce you to the universal, human nature of this process.

Take six minutes out of your day to watch this video excerpt of Father Edwin McMahon talking about how the Shona people of Zimbabwe have used Focusing for millenia: